Are you noticing these situations in your relationship?

  • You are having the same repetitive argument
  • You or your partner avoid underlying conflicts
  • The spark just isn’t what it used to be

Any healthy relationship struggles from time to time, and I am here to help you through the rough patches.

We can work together to identify any underlying problems and put your relationships in perspective through relationship counseling.

How Relationship Counseling Works at My Practice

Becoming a team
I provide support and understanding without taking sides, and teach new skills to handle communication barriers.
Open communication
We collaborate together to improve communication, find common ground, strengthen intimacy, and reduce conflict.
Finding solutions
As long as each partner is willing to address the current challenges and participate in developing solutions, most relationship problems can be resolved.

Does Relationship Counseling Just Apply to Serious Issues?

Not all relationship counseling stems from conflict. I also offer preventive couples therapy. Many partners find themselves in a strong space, but want to address minor communication issues before they progress into more concerning problems. Other couples seek premarital counseling to develop greater confidence and understanding as they approach a major life change. Finally, partners may turn to counseling as a check-up to articulate what’s working well and explore how to maintain those aspects of their relationship.

No matter what inspired your search for a therapist, I am happy to help on either a long or short term basis.

Resources and FAQs

Whether you’ve received therapy or you’re a first-timer, it is understandable to have questions or concerns. If you're feeling uncertain, review my Resources and FAQs page.